Dr. Belinda Seagram is a registered clinical and forensic psychologist with a Ph.D. from York University and more than 30 years of combined experience in clinical practice, research, teaching and supervision. Her Master’s degree focussed on stress and attrition among Canadian Police Officers.  Her doctoral work centered on treatment of violent young offenders.

Belinda has extensive experience working with high-risk teenagers in residential, hospital and community-based settings. She has served as the Executive Director of a shelter and resource centre for abused women and children in Northumberland County, Ontario. Between 2000 and 2006, Belinda was employed by the Correctional Service of Canada where she served as Acting Chief Psychologist in a medium-security penitentiary for 400 male federal offenders. She then spent four years with the Pine River Institute, a residential treatment program for adolescents struggling with serious substance abuse, in the capacity of Wilderness Therapist, Clinical Director and consultant. Belinda has delivered training programs for the Crisis Negotiation Team of the Ontario Provincial Police and was involved in forensic investigations in Ontario and Nunavut.

In 2008, a family move brought Belinda to Nova Scotia where she worked with youth in custody and served as a consultant in coordinating the trauma response for the survivors of the shipwrecked Concordia.  Throughout her career, Belinda has had long-standing passion for trauma recovery, particularly for those individuals injured in the line of duty.  This motivated Belinda to found Landing Strong in 2017, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Veterans and First Responders struggling with Operational Stress Injuries. Central to the principal of Landing Strong is ensuring that people receive timely support, invisible wounds are seen, and no-one is left behind.