Tara is a leadership development coach with significant experience working with high-performing individuals, having spent the past two decades focused on career growth and transition. Her open and inclusive approach has supported leaders in the deliberate nurturing of relationships for intentional impact. Using the principles of Co-Active coaching combined with a deep history in the practice of yoga, Tara brings a warm and playful approach to coaching while creating space for clarity and exploration.

As a self-proclaimed “geek” on all things related to people, culture and belonging, Tara served as a key member of the Global Leadership Team in the ultra-demanding arena of private law where she helped to create a strategic balance between employee development and business growth.  Tara has extensive experience in the conception, design, and implementation of career development programs in alignment with the vertical growth principles of adult learning and co-created a Career Development Framework for 400 global employees that helped to create a common language around shared values and aspirational behaviour. 

Having been at the helm of several significant cultural shifts, Tara specializes in supporting professionals through career transitions and change – be it as individuals or as team systems.  With a passion for demographic data, Tara has delivered specialized coaching on understanding the quarks, key motivators, and communication styles of each unique generational group and how to leverage that awareness within the workplace.