Finding your inner Cindy Lou Who

The snow falls in heavy wet patches on my windshield as I strain to see through the slush that is accumulating.

I grumble under my breath as I feel the wheels of my car swerve on the greasy roads.

“Winter is here” I sigh grumpily in a resigned manner. Arriving home, I trudge up the porch and lug my groceries onto the counter.

I’ve only been inside a few minutes when squeals of delight and shrieks of laughter prompt me to stick my head back outside.

What greets me is a sight for sore eyes. On the soccer pitch in front of our house are thirty Mexican students, their first year in Canada, rolling around gleefully in the fluffy white snow. They dive tackle and hurl snowballs at one another, breathing in the excitement and electric thrill of their first ever snowfall.

What was initially cause for dismay, the first big dump of snow, has suddenly been transformed into something magical. Something as simple as being reminded of the beauty of the season’s first snowfall has served to change my perspective.

Alone, I am the Grinch. Through connection with others, I find my inner Cindy Lou Who.

Group can do that. Alone with our thoughts, it can be hard at times to view things through an alternate lens. With input from others, our world transforms.

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Stay warm and young at heart,

Belinda Seagram, Ph.D., R. Psych.
Executive Director, Landing Strong

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