Programs & Workshops

A lot of things have been cancelled recently.  We’re doing the opposite.  Landing Strong has opened up group programs in a way that hasn’t been available before. You can now participate from the comfort of your home!  Connect with people who can relate to your experiences, and move forward in your recovery.

The Full Landing Strong Program Experience.  Online.

  • Overcome barriers that are limiting your recovery from trauma.  
  • Get support and connect with your community in a safe space.  
  • Get insights from experienced trauma-recovery experts.  
  • Create a plan to feel strong, emotionally and physically.

We are looking forward to running groups in-person again soon.  All of our groups are currently meeting virtually, and we plan to continue offering this as an option in the future.  Reserve your spot in a group program, call (902) 472-2972 or send a message to  



Maintaining Health: Staying Strong

This program runs on the third Thursday of each month.  Registration is open year-round to anyone who has previously completed a Landing Strong group program.  

Stay connected with your community, and stay healthy long-term with this year-round resilience building group.

Upcoming dates:

September 16 

October 21

Call (902) 472-2972 or email Mackenzie to sign up for any upcoming program day.



Identity & Transition: Build a life beyond the uniform

You know how to be strong on the job.  You’re expert at helping others.  Now, it’s time to care for yourself.  

Many years of personal sacrifice take a toll.  Knowing who you are outside of work can become a challenge. Reclaim parts of yourself that may have been lost and discover what’s really important to you.

Open to veterans, military members and first responders who are currently working, transitioning to something new, are off work but plan to return, or who have retired. 

Upcoming program dates:                                      

Wednesday group (online): Sept 1, Sept 8, Sept 22, Sept 29, Oct 6 

Friday group (in-person): Sept 3, Sept 10, Sept 24, Oct 1, Oct 8

Register today, call (902) 472-2972



Emotions Management: Stop faking good & start feeling good

Build confidence.  Reconnect with yourself.  Discover your true potential.

Break away from negative thinking patterns, understand how your emotions affect your behaviour, and learn how to gain control.  Develop healthy lifestyle habits and improve the relationships that are important to you.

This program will return again soon, please contact our office if you are interested in being notified once dates are set.


Overcoming Trauma: Your past is not your future

This group helps to calm an overtaxed central nervous system.

Avoiding traumatic memories and situations that trigger PTSD symptoms prolongs injury and limits recovery from these experiences. Working together as a supportive group, we will reprocess traumatic events, allowing natural recovery to happen.

The peer support offered in this group approach is particularly helpful in addressing moral injuries.

Please let us know if you would like to be contacted with information about upcoming dates for this program (902) 472-2972



Healthy Living: Live a life that reflects who you are

This new program is designed for veterans, first responders, and those who were exposed to trauma in their work who are feeling the effects of these experiences.

Bring your authentic self back into your life in a natural & real way.  Reconnect with your values and integrate them in all areas of your life.  When we find balance on the inside, the rest will come together.




Mind/Body Health & Recovery

Make simple, natural changes to optimize your health.

Learn strategies to lower stress, improve digestion, sleep better, and enhance physical and emotional health.  This five-part series tackles topics essential to recovery:

  • Trust your gut: the secret messages your body is giving you
  • Using food as fuel to feel better: know what foods your body needs to feel good
  • Natural strategies for pain management
  • Increase your energy during the day & sleep better at night
  • Sex, hormones, and health: what you can do about it

This program will return in 2021.  If you are interested in this program, please contact our office so we know to get in touch once dates are set.



Care for the Caregiver

A program for those in supporting roles 

Rediscover your strength with this workshop series.  Find out how you can use self-care practices to become more resilient as you support someone who has PTSD or other Operational Stress Injuries. Gain insight about how these injuries affect those we care about.  Learn how to communicate in a way that allows you to reconnect in a meaningful way.  This program is designed to provide support and community to partners, family members, and close friends of people who are recovering from traumatic exposure.

This program will return in 2021.  If you are interested in this program, please contact our office so we know to get in touch once dates are set.