Figure out your next move

You may be looking for guidance to safely return to your previous occupation. Or perhaps you’re ready to re-invent yourself and explore a new career in the civilian workforce. You may wish for help structuring your retirement or exploring volunteerism.

No matter where you are in this transition, our team can help build the road-map to the future that waits for you, working alongside others navigating a similar path.

The Navigating Next Steps programs are designed to assist you move into this next chapter. Take any or all as you see fit.

Navigating Next Steps Program (NNSP)

Part 1: Creating Confidence & Clarifying Strengths

Be the best version of you! This program offers experiential and reflective exercises designed to help you navigate your next steps forward. Gain confidence and be seen as you want to be seen. Learn more about what makes you thrive, trusting your internal navigation system to guide you. Establish comfort, safety and connection with peers as you work collaboratively to reach desired goals. Offered one day per week for five weeks.

Part 2: Navigating the Cultural Divide

Eliminate the confusion associated with interacting or transitioning into civilian life! Loss of identity and feelings of distrust can often result in isolation, making it difficult to move forward. This program helps to identify values most important to you, build trust and demystify the cultural divide that often exists between Military/First Responder and civilian environments. We explore the culture, structure, and impact of your current or former career on identity, and gain a deeper understanding of the manner in which expectations impact interactions with others. Offered one day per week for five weeks.

Part 3: Putting your BEST foot forward  (Optional) 

This private coaching & mentorship program is for you if you are contemplating a possible reintegration back into the workforce. We work with you to navigate a safe transition, whether it’s back to your previous role or something entirely new. Participants will be offered the opportunity to do a Transferrable Skills Analysis (TSA). Certified Coaches conduct a Strong Interest Inventory and Skills Confidence Inventory assessments. Results of these assessments will be discussed in one-on-one confidential sessions with personalized strategies identified to guide you in the next steps of your career transition. We will co-create a job search portfolio or return to work plan, supporting you in learning the skills to effectively market yourself. Job placement opportunities may also be available.


Reach Out

If you are curious if the NNSP is right for you, please contact our office at 902-472-2972, or email Jen Whalen at: We look forward to securing your seat! 

Upcoming program dates:

Tuesdays: May 7, 14, 21, 28, June 4


The goal of this program is not only to help people find/return work but also to secure employment that is meaningful, sustainable, and fulfilling. In cases where the end goal is volunteerism or structured retirement, we work with participants to find engaging ways to connect with community.