Only you know what your needs are

Everyone responds to trauma differently. Whether it’s directly, or through secondary exposure, it’s normal to need support at some point in time. You and a co-worker might have been exposed to the same traumatic event. They might seem fine while you feel shaken. Their experience does not invalidate yours. If something in you feels off, there’s likely a good reason for it. It’s not what happens that’s important, but rather the meaning within the context of our lives that counts.

A diagnosis isn’t required to join our community. We can help you access the support and care that you need to get things moving. If you feel like something isn’t quite right and would like assistance getting back to who you want to be, we’d love to help.

You are the expert in knowing what you need. Only you know what is truly going on inside.

Group members are non-judgemental and welcoming, regardless of how long or in what capacity you served.

Warm thoughts,

Belinda Seagram, Ph.D., R. Psych.
Executive Director, Landing Strong

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