Our Services

We are committed to meeting you where you are at.

We offer a range of services, with the level of engagement being entirely up to you.

1. Virtual Support

You might want to start with free resource support available through our website.  If this is you, feel free to join our mailing list or find us on social media.  We send out a weekly newsletter with information, recovery tips, motivation, and inspiration.  We also have a resources page where you can find articles with tips from our clinicians.  Education and support are also available through PTSD Hero Comics.  Paper copies may be ordered here or picked up at our office.  

2. Assessment of Injury, Resources, & Supports

If you are suffering the effects of workplace trauma exposure, but have not yet been assessed, this might be a good place to start.  We will set you up with a registered health professional who will sit down with you to assess your needs, strengths, and resources. This is an in-depth look at what is going on for you, with a detailed report and recommendations provided to you on how to get better. We are able to use this information to double as your VAC assessment if you are a veteran or former RCMP officer and have not yet been assessed for a mental health condition.

3. Individual Counselling

Sometimes it is easiest to begin talking in a one-on-one setting. All you need to do is give us a call and we will work with you to determine how we can arrange for the cost of these services to be covered. Most people have insurance plans or benefit packages that cover counselling. For those who are off work, this is a great way to increase your comfort level so that you might become ready for involvement in our more intensive group workshops.

4. Family & Support System Engagement

Recovery does not happen in isolation. We are committed to providing comprehensive supports to family members and caregivers who may be walking with you on this journey. Compassion fatigue, indirect trauma exposure, and the strain of the situation you are facing together all take a significant toll on family health. Caregiver workshops and programs weave together to form the fabric of our family care strategy.

5. Group Programs

We offer a variety of programs, ranging from half-day workshops to multi-day programs. Geared to help overcome years of training that emphasizes “mission before self,” Landing Strong changes the lens through which we see ourselves and the world. Engaging and holistic, focussing on both mental and physical recovery, Landing Strong helps those who are suffering learn to  regroup, reclaim, and recalibrate their lives.

6. After Care Program

Following the intensive recovery work done in group programs, we remain with you, supporting you on your path to recovery. We host a health maintenance group which meets one day each month, offering a chance to reconnect with your community on a regular, ongoing basis. You have the option of staying involved at the intensity that is right for you, for as long as you need it. This is the community that does not go away.

7. Community Engagement & Volunteerism

For graduates of the Landing Strong Program, there are many opportunities to stay involved through our peer support network. Lend the wisdom of experience to those in an earlier stage of their journey by becoming a peer mentor.  Consider providing feedback that will assist in the development of future resources. Our goal is to be constantly developing and refining our services and resources. Your input and engagement are vital parts of this continuous growth.