Love letters to our veterans

This is a hard week for many veterans and their families. During training exercises, deployments and times of conflict, unspeakable things take place that are not readily shared. Although others may not know the exact details of what happened, please know that there is an acute awareness within the community of the cost of service, both to you and your families.This week, Kristy from Serenity Acres brought in a bundle of letters written by students from the West Hants Education Centre for members of our Veteran community. We have included excepts below, copied exactly as written:“Thank you for your service for our wonderful country. You are the reason I am able to find happiness and security in my life! I wish you the same happiness and security because you deserve it.”“We see you. We hear you. We thank you.”“Thank you for your serves!”“I hope you know we care. We understand that you have sacrificed your lives for us and we are so thoughtful for what you guys and girls did for us. Lest we forget.”“Thank you for allowing everyone to live in peace without too much risk of war. I want to let you know that you are not alone and there are support programs you can join to talk to for support.”“At West Hants Education Centre, we have educated students about the sacrifice and service you have given for our country. You are an important part of our history and our current society today.”“Students and Staff at West Hants Education Centre want to thank you for your service. Your unmatched sacrifice is why many people are able to live the lives they lead. Thank you, WHEC”I am told that leadership is best exemplified through service. Our veteran community stands as a strong example of this, its members having unquestioningly put themselves at risk so that others might be safe.  We thank you for the powerful positive role you have played in shaping this country.Today we remember military members and veterans, both past and present.Thank you for your service,

Belinda Seagram, Ph.D., R. Psych.Executive Director, Landing Strong

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