Most new start-ups fail within the first three years.  Trying something new is hard, and keeping it going can be even harder.  Whether it’s an exercise program, a change of eating habits, or setting the goal of launching a world class treatment centre, holding true to a vision of where you want to be is never easy. 
Starting up Landing Strong is something I’ve dreamt of for years, but couldn’t quite find the courage to do.  The risks were great, but the community’s needs were even greater. Surrounded by a team of incredibly committed professionals, we launched Landing Strong.  We didn’t know when we opened the doors whether anyone would come.  Thanks to you, our programs and hearts are full, particularly this week after receiving word that we are being awarded funding from the Veteran Family and Well-Being Fund.  Veterans Affairs Canada is solidly in our corner, helping to make this dream a reality.  A special thanks to the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia for helping us secure this funding.  
We’ll continue to submit funding proposals so that we may offer barrier free access to care.  
For this moment, we’re pausing to celebrate the assurance that we’ll not just survive, but thrive in the critical first few years of operation.  
With gratitude, 

Belinda Seagram, Ph.D., R. Psych.
Founder, Landing Strong

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