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Have you noticed that time passes differently now that we’re not going anywhere?  Normally, holidays mark occasions where we reunite with family members.  This year it’ll be quite different.  Instead of travelling cross country, our cars overloaded with gifts, food and luggage, we’ll be spending time in smaller circles.  I’m sad I won’t see my extended family, so I’ve been making an effort to touch base more frequently by phone.  This week I was speaking with my father.  You’ve met him before: an interesting combination of artist, intellectual and eccentric.  He’s constantly searching for new and interesting ways to stay healthy. This week he shared that he’s experimenting with eating crickets to boost joint health.

“Crickets?!” I exclaimed, wondering what on earth is possessing him.

“Yes, they’re ground up into protein powder.  Can’t even taste them. I just add them to my stews” he explained in a self-satisfied tone. “I pick them up at Loblaws.  Expensive, but high quality and convenient.”

Suddenly the thought of not having the opportunity to fly to Toronto to share cricket stew with my father doesn’t seem so heartbreaking.  In fact, I’m increasingly experiencing the sensation of relief.

So when I feel those pangs of sadness, I’ll imagine my father happily slurping up those crusty insects.  Maybe I’ll even explore new and interesting ways of getting healthy over the holidays.  Although I don’t think I’ll be trying crickets anytime soon, I’m inspired by the way my father continues to focus on his health, knowing that he is not too old to find new growth.  

As we all think of ways to maintain or improve health, a gentle reminder that we are running our Emotions program: Stop Faking Good and Start Feeling Good this January.  Enrollment is strong, so we’re forming two groups: there’s a choice of Wednesdays or Fridays.  We’re also taking names for our Trauma Recovery Group: Your Past is not your Future, starting in late March.  And as always, anyone who has taken a course is eligible to attend our monthly Maintaining Health Programs: the third Thursday of each month.   Come jump on the train of recovery.  There’s a seat waiting for you!  Just drop us a line.

Warm regards,

Belinda Seagram, Ph.D., R. Psych.
Executive Director, Landing Strong

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