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Post-traumatic stress isn’t about what happens to us.  That’s only part of the equation.  It’s more about how we understand and react to life altering events that determines our path.

For decades comic books and stories have been used to show the struggle between good and evil, and the human response to trauma.

Darth Vadar witnessed the brutal murder of his parents by Imperial Forces.  Not having completed his Jedi training, he joined the Dark side as a way of regaining strength.  His trauma got the best of him.

Superman, as a child, was abducted from his alien planet, brought to earth, and re-homed with human parents.  Truly an illegal immigrant and refugee, he learned to hide his differences knowing that he was only safe by blending in to the dominant society.  Showing his differences (and strengths) made him vulnerable, yet he did so anyways, allowing him to be his true self.

In many ways, we are all characters in the story of our lives.  Although we may be injured from things that happen to us, we have the power to regroup, and find the strength to continue and move forward.  The more we are supported in this, the more likely we are to succeed.

We developed PTSD Hero comics to address themes of trauma and recovery. Although the stories are fictional, the characters experiences are based on the actual themes and events facing veterans and first responders.

This week, we are proud to release our newest video based on the second novel, Hero to Zero of our three part Stranger Returns series. Please enjoy this animated adaptation of Jay and his friends continued journey towards health.  Please share this with others to help spread the word of hope, resilience and recovery.

Stranger Returns Book 2 Video: Hero to Zero

If you missed the first video adaption of the Enemy Within, and want to catch up, we’ve provided a link below.
Stranger Returns Book 1 video: The Enemy Within

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Belinda Seagram, Ph.D., R. Psych.
Executive Director, Landing Strong

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