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There’s a Lakota expression that says “Healing takes place in the spaces between people”.

Each time we tell our story, it changes.  An evolving narrative that morphs depending on who we tell it to and how we’re received.  It is easy to get stuck, repeating the same tale internally in a repeated manner.  Through sharing, we open the window to new ways of viewing ourselves, and differing interpretations of the past.  

It’s not what happened to us that causes trauma, but rather the meaning of the experience that determines its impact.

We may have experienced a trauma alone, but in the retelling be supported, diminishing our sense of isolation. 

We may judge ourselves negatively from the perspective of our youth, but through our adult lens, find the wisdom of compassion. 

We may only be able to see something from one perspective, but with the compassion of peers open our eyes to other possibilities.

In this technological society that we live in, it’s easy to feel lonely despite a multitude of internet connections. I invite you to take the time to share even a small bit of your story in real time with someone you trust.  Notice what small shifts might occur when you no longer carry the experience alone.

Warm regards, 

Belinda Seagram, Ph.D., R. Psych.
Executive Director, Landing Strong

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