How many psychologists can you fit in an ambulance?

How many psychologists can you fit in an ambulance?

How many psychologists can you fit into an ambulance?

A few weeks ago, Dr. Petra Woehrle and I joined a group of Psychologists for an experiential training regarding cultural considerations in working with Crown Attorneys and Paramedics.

We listened to personal stories, attended Court, and hopped into an ambulance for some high-speed drills. It was an incredible day but most of all, I was affected by the following information:

• The average career span of a paramedic used to be 5-7 years. Recently it’s been reduced to 3-5.
• The Crown Attorney’s office has lost 20% of its Prosecutors in recent years; a few to retirement, but many have found the conditions of the work too onerous to continue.
• 20% of Nova Scotia Paramedics are currently on leave.
• 25% of Halifax Regional Police are currently on leave.

This day served to renew my commitment to ensuring supports are there for those who need them.

We are grateful indeed for your service,

Belinda Seagram, Ph.D., R. Psych.
Executive Director, Landing Strong

“Who are we anyway…?”

“Who are we anyway…?”

I attended a marketing workshop recently and learned a marketing golden rule: ‘Never put yourself out there on social media when you are in the midst of a meltdown.’ Vulnerability is fine, but not a full on meltdown. What an excellent piece of advice. Can I promise that I wonder? I have made a commitment to be as authentic as possible to members of our community. To me, that involves the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I want you to show up, however you may be feeling or looking, without the need to act fine. On most days, I’m doing well. Occasionally, I’m not so well. I think it’s called being human. I like to call mistakes my “human moments,” proof that I am still alive.

Who am I? Sometimes I wonder. Am I the image that I am supposed to put out there on social media, happy and full of sparkle and life? Or am I the bedhead who wakes up reluctantly at 6:00 am, muscles sore, hauling my sorry self out in the rain to walk my dogs. I notice they love me no matter how I show up. If you take off the uniform, who are you? Are you still the same person? Maybe that question isn’t so easy.

Let’s agree to make no promises, but simply to show up. Be the best version of ourselves that we are able to be on any given day. For me, that’s enough. Some days it will be glamorous, on other days, maybe ugly. But it’s all good.

Now where did I put my horned rimmed glasses…?